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Empowering Polished Diamond Traders,
with Visual Data in REAL-TIME

Get a live data analytics view of the industry’s supply, demand, and pricing data of polished diamonds, as well as for your own business inventory

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DPL insights
DPL insights

Data is your superpower

Experience user-friendly, powerful real-time analysis features that enable better, faster transactional decisions and boost pricing strategy, all in one place.

DPL insights

Master your business data

Match your own inventory prices against the market's average prices and find how your business is positioned in the industry.

DPL insights

Maximize your expertise

Get comprehensive information and historical trends on any type of diamond with a click of a button.

DPL insights

Be the first to know

Set an instant alert to be notified once a specific stone in specific categories is available in the market.

DPL Insights is connected to multiple data sources of natural polished diamonds

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“Our industry needs greater, faster data analysis. Adding visual results makes it so much easier and intuitive to understand and take action. I like the solution created by DPL Insights and can definitely see how it can impact the industry for the better.”

Howard Hauben, President & CEO Centurion Jewelry

Price list

A transparent and unbiased interactive polished diamond price list

An interactive price list that brings clarity back to the industry and requires no human intervention, offering users easy price selection features and time saving calculations.

DPL insights
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